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Sri Prihatini
Abas Basuni Jahari


Background: Some of the nutrition problems in Indonesia often as consequence of daily food consumption has not balanced, there is contribution more from cerealia than animal especially in poor families. Objectives: The aimed of this analysis is to studies the contribution of food group to household energy and protein consumption in Indonesia. Methods: Food consumption data of 173471 households sample of Health Research Data Base 2007 were calculated by Nutrisoft program developed by Research and Development Centre of Food and Nutrition. Food-stuff is categories to 8 group of food-stuff that is: Grains, Corms, Animal, Oil/Fat, Beans, Sugar, Fruit/fatty seeds and fruits and vegetables. Each group of food-stuff is calculated for the contribution to household consumption of energy and protein. Data were analyzed by descriptively. Results: At national level, the grains contributed of highest energy (67.2%) from household energy consumption, except in Papua, where contribution of grain equal to contribution of corms that is each 40%. The grains also gives highest contribution that is 44.7% from household protein consumption. In urban, the contribution of grain is 63.2% from household energy consumption while in rural is 68.6 %. In Urban, contribution of grain is 40% of household protein consumption, while in rural is 46.0%. Conclusions: The grains  has the highest contribution for household energy and protein consumption. The protein from animal is only 38.7% and beans is 4.25%.

Keywords: food-stuff, household energy protein consumption, contribution.

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Prihatini, S., & Jahari, A. B. (2012). KONTRIBUSI GOLONGAN BAHAN MAKANAN TERHADAP KONSUMSI ENERGI DAN PROTEIN RUMAHTANGGA DIINDONESIA. Penelitian Gizi Dan Makanan (The Journal of Nutrition and Food Research), 33(1). https://doi.org/10.22435/pgm.v33i1.1354.