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Suryana Purawisastra
Emma Sahara


Background: Recent studies have shown significantly the effect of isolated galactomannan of coconut kernel in the lowering of the cholesterol content of the animal as well as the human serum. Those studies used the isolated galactomannan from the residual of coconut kernel of the households. However, the residual of kernel coconut is also available in the oil factory known as "bungkil". The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal process of isolation from the both source of galactomannan for commercial scale. Methods: The isolation method of galactomannan was performed in production scale by using the method of the previous studies. The weight of the residual of coconut kernel were varies from 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 g. Whereas the concentration of the solvent extraction were 2,4 and 6%. The products of isolated galactomannan were then analyzed for its composition of galactose and mannose using the HPLC method, and its content of chemical residue used in solution for isolation using the Flame photometer method. Results: The results study revealed that the optimal isolation of galactomannan was obtained by 4% concentration of the isolation solvent from 400 g of the residual of coconut kernel from the households, and by 6% from 300 g of the bungkil. The percentage of optimal isolation was 95.1% and 92.2% respectively. The product of isolated galactomanan from the households waste contained 47.8% galactose, and 42.6% manose, whereas from the bungkil contained 44.5% galactose, dan 38.5 % manose. The impurities of chemical residue were between 0.35 to 0.48 ppm as sodium. Conclusions: The isolated galactomannan gained from the residual of coconut kernel of the households and the bungkil was different in the optimalization of process; however its composition of galactose and mannose, and its content of residual chemical as sodium impurities were similar.


Keywords: residual cake of coconut kernel, copra, galactomannan, galactose, mannose, optimal isolation, chemical residue.

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Purawisastra, S., & Sahara, E. (2012). ISOLASI GALAKTOMANAN AMPAS KELAPA RUMAH TANGGA DAN BUNGKIL INDUSTRI MINYAK KELAPA. Penelitian Gizi Dan Makanan (The Journal of Nutrition and Food Research), 33(1).